Erläuterung der Passportdaten wilder und kultivierter Kartoffelarten des GLKS

Explanation for GLKS passport data of wild and cultivated species

CollnumbCollecting number
GlksnumbAccession number in the GLKS (Gross Lüsewitz Potato Collection)
Q_statusQ = tested to PSTVd and seed transmitted quarantine viruses
SppSpecies abbreviation
SpeciesScientific name of species
AccnameAccession name
OrigctyCountry of origin
StateState, Department, Province
RegionRegion of origin
CollsiteLocation of collecting site
LatitudeLatitude of collecting site
LongitudeLongitude of collecting site
ElevationElevation of collecting site (m about see level)
ColldateCollecting date of original sample
SampstatStatus of sample (1 = wild, 3 = cultivated)
DonorcodeDonor for GLKS
EBSEBS number
WACWAC number
CPCCPC number
PIPI number
CIPCIP number
WIRWIR number
Othernumbother numbers
AncestAncestral information about the accession