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Data Base Schema


Using the tables VIS_CULTIVAR and VIS_POPULATION various mapping populations could be stored. All possible populations are connected over the foreign key POPULATION_ID into the mapping table VIS_MAPPING_DATA. When this value is 0, then MoMaVis interpretes this population as a consensus map.

Using entries in the column MARKER_ID of the table VIS_MAPPING_DATA connections to internal marker identifiers could be modelled and stored.

The column MARKER_TYPE codes the type of a marker. In the existing data set the following code is used:

MARKER_TYPEour marker type
0Public Domain Marker

Within the jnlp-File this definition could be rearranged, by editing the follwing line:


The columns CHROMOSOMEN_LOCATION and MAP_POSITION store the actual mapping information.

Database Dumps

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