MISA - MIcroSAtellite identification tool

This tool allows the identification and localization of perfect microsatellites as well as compound microsatellites which are interrupted by a certain number of bases.

In order to design primers flanking the microsatellite loci, two perl scripts serve as interface modules for the program-to-program data interchange between MISA and the primer modelling software Primer3 (Whitehead Institute). For installation instructions of Primer3 see http://www-genome.wi.mit.edu/genome_software/other/primer3.html.


Supplemental perl tools:

Get est_trimmer.pl - perl script useful for pre-preprocessing sequences (invocation without parameters is explaining the syntax)

Get Primer 3 interface modules - perl scripts allowing the interaction with Primer3

Questions and comments: Thomas Thiel

Last updated: 5/14/02